Aside from our main services in recruitment and external assessment and development, we offer a diverse range of other Specialist Educational Services which can support various aspects of education provision. These services are aimed at clients including individual international students & their parents, overseas schools & universities, corporate companies and government departments. We have a wide variety of offerings to suit a diverse range of educational and training requirements.

International Student Consultancy

We have been assisting international students with their applications to further their education in the UK for over 7 years. We offer professional advice and guidance to students wishing to study at a UK university, either at undergraduate or postgraduate level, as well as students looking to come to an English language school to improve their English. We help students to find the most suitable course and educational institution for their subject choice and provide them with extensive research, information and options available. We also assist with all the administration and organisation involved from visas, accommodation and fees to assistance in processing and finalising applications. Please click here to find out more about our package.

European Educational Tours

We organise and create bespoke, specialised tours to places of educational interest in Europe. We arrange the full itinerary including organising tour guides, educational workshops, cultural visits and sightseeing tours as well as accommodation, food and transport. We create packages to your specifications, whatever the age and size of your group. For a full overview of this service, please click here. Alternatively, to view detailed information for each of our individual educational tours, please see examples of our Educational Tour Itineraries.

Independent Education in the UK

The British education system is highly regarded worldwide and can provide a strong foundation for your child's future studies. We can offer an advisory service for parents who are looking to send their child to a private British school from preparatory to secondary school level. Please click here to learn more about the full service we provide

Corporate English Language Solutions

Prime Education Consultancy works closely with overseas companies and governments of non-English speaking countries with the aim of improving the English level of personnel in order to assist with trade, commerce and communication at an international level. We offer an educational and training partnership with firms and government departments, providing courses to improve English language skills. With increasing competition in international markets, the ability to communicate effectively in English is more important than ever. For further information on this service, please click here.

English Language Summer Camps

With over 60 different options to choose from, we can assist and advise in arranging summer camps for individuals or school groups who wish to come to the UK to improve their English while taking part in an exciting summer programme. Please click here to view our full UK Summer Schools Brochure.

We also provide a tailor made package for schools who want an English summer camp in their own country. We provide an English language summer camp at your school to suit your needs. Please click here for further information.