English Language Department Assessment & Development

Our English Language Department Assessment & Development Programme is provided in association with

Our external assessment and development programme is aimed at English language departments within educational institutions from primary and secondary schools to universities. It has been designed, and is provided in association with The University of York Centre for English Language Teaching. The academic support, expertise, experience and knowledge that comes with such a prestigious association is a guarantee of the benefit a Prime Education assessment can bring to any institution.

We offer a bespoke assessment and development plan designed to help the department reach its maximum potential. This bespoke service examines 10 key areas within the department, assessing each against flexible criteria by using a variety of sources of information, from interviews with teachers and students to analyses of record keeping and documentation. The assessment is designed to highlight areas of excellence and weakness within the department and suggest methods for improving and developing the department in order to improve academic achievement, student retention and business value.

Inspired by University of York's Centre for English Language Teaching, our tailor made programmes focus on how to improve four key factors in an institution's academic and financial success. These are student motivation, staff satisfaction, student achievement and quality assurance and reputation.

To conclude the assessment, our assessor will propose, where required, a development plan in order to achieve or maintain these four key factors with on-going support in areas such as teacher training and curriculum development.

For detailed information on our English Language Department Assessment & Development programme, including an overview of the process and a full information pack on the 10 key areas, please click here.

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