European Educational Tours

PEC organises specialist educational tours in Europe for students looking to excel, enhance their knowledge and expand their horizons through interesting and exciting educational programmes. These tours can bring your students studies to life and can be the academic inspiration they need to further their studies at a higher level.

These tours can be hugely beneficial for schools to offer their students; either generally to encourage students learning and development or specifically for advanced students looking to increase and broaden their knowledge. Tours not only include a strong educational element but also include sightseeing and cultural activities.

These tours are unique and we have a wide range of suggested itineraries for each tour we offer, including a diverse range of specialised academic subjects and an interesting programme of cultural activities. Tours can also be arranged specifically to your educational requirements incorporating your individual needs.

Our current range of tours on offer includes:
Aviation & Automotive Technology
- Guided tour of the Volkswagen & Airbus factories.
- Hands on workshop in the Science & Technology Museum.
Nuclear Science
- Tailored tour round CERN (The European Centre for Nuclear Research)
- Visit the United Nations
Business & Finance, Politics & History
- Workshop with experts at The Bank of England
- Attend a live debate in Parliament
- Tour of Lloyds of London; Lloyds insurance covers some of the world's largest, most individual and complicated insurance risks.
Science, Automotive Technology & Industry
- Explore Ferrari engineering
- Take a hands on lab session at the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum of Science & Technology
Politics & Ethics
- Workshops with experts at the Nobel Peace Centre
- Build a robot at the Museum of Technology
- Workshop with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
- Go to a performance of Don Giovanni at the Puppet Theatre
European Politics & Automotive History
- See a live hearing in the Human Rights Court
- Visit the museums of Mercedes-Benz where you will take a journey through time in the automotive industry and Porsche, where you will have the opportunity to watch Porsche's master mechanics working on classic cars.