Corporate English Language Solutions

Prime Education Consultancy works closely with overseas companies and governments of non-English speaking countries with the aim of improving the English level of personnel in order to assist trade, commerce and communication at an international level. We offer an educational and training partnership with firms and government departments, providing courses to improve English language skills. With increasing competition in international markets, the ability to communicate effectively in English is more important than ever.

For overseas companies and government departments who are looking for professional advice and guidance in all aspects of English language based services, we can take our services to you and deliver tailor made business language courses within the workplace. Alternatively, we can arrange business English courses for those companies wishing to send employees to the UK.

Bringing English to you

We offer short courses, delivered by native English language teachers who specialise in language for the workplace. We provide a wide variety of courses from basic English language skills to English for negotiating, presenting, international trade and more. We make it an affordable, easy to manage proposition with the option of training a number of personnel at the same time. Our courses will help your employees to speak English more fluently and confidently, as they learn realistic business English and professional vocabulary, vastly improving their comprehension & pronunciation, learning how to communicate more confidently and successfully in meetings using key business English grammar.