Prime Education Consultancy uses its extensive knowledge of the education sector to provide flexible educational services designed to support institutions and individuals in reaching their maximum potential. Our key clientele are overseas schools and universities in non-English speaking countries and international students looking to further their education in the UK. Our clients also include overseas companies looking for English language solutions for personnel and government departments (e.g. Ministry of Education) in non-English speaking countries.

Our services fall into three areas, from which we can cover a wide range of educational needs.


Prime Recruitment is an international recruitment agency for the education sector. We offer unique Educational Recruitment Solutions in order to find high-calibre academic and administrative staff for overseas educational institutions, from universities to primary and secondary schools. We provide a full recruitment package, tailored to your particular needs dealing with everything from producing an advertising schedule and vetting candidates to arranging interviews and securing contracts.

Assessment & Development

We have designed an exclusive External Assessment & Development Programme in association with The University of York (Centre for English Language Teaching). This assessment programme is specifically tailored for English language departments looking to analyse and develop their processes, systems and curriculum. We have combined the academic excellence of The University of York (Centre for English Language Teaching) with Prime Education's innovative vision, resulting in a unique assessment package. Our assessors look in depth at the way the department runs, highlight its strengths and weaknesses and detail all analysis and feedback in an official report.


We offer a diverse range of other Specialist Educational Services which can support various aspects of education provision. Our services range from European Educational Tours and English Language Summer Camps to Corporate English Language Solutions and tailor made packages for government departments such as the Ministry of Education or Ministry of Higher Education. We have a wide variety of offerings which may be of interest to you.